Our beer

  • Kozel Dark

    Dark beer made of precisely chosen dark malts mixture.

    Alc. volume 3.8%

  • Kozel Pale

    Pale beer with delicate taste and bright golden colour.

    Alc. volume 4%

Brand History

The story of
Velkopopovický Kozel
Many beers have been brewed since the very
first batch. Look what Kozel remembers!
The biggest beer toast

On our traditional Kozel Day we made a new record number of toasting people at one table. The celebration of meeting with our closest and mates was guarded by a huge wooden goat statue, which represented a symbol of our brewery.

Kozel's 140th anniversary

We wanted Kozel beer lovers to celebrate 140th anniversary with us so we encourage them to send Kozel personal messages that were all stored in a special memorial chest. To reminisce the old times, we also created a special vintage edition of beer bottles.

Horned Kozel mug

Czech artist Jan Čapek designed a brand new mug with specially shaped handle - every true Kozel beer fan can easily recognize what was its inspiration. Can you guess who was his model?

First Kozlovna opened

We opened the first original Kozel Pub, a beerhouse with lovely atmosphere and traditional decorations which reminds you of the brewery's history. This is the place where fresh tank beer and the legendary Czech cuisine tastes the best!

Kozel Day

No matter what, since 1993 all roads lead to Velké Popovice. It was the first time when Kozel beer fans met in the brewery area and celebrated together. It is said that every Kozel beer fan should visit this event at least once in his life.

First tank pubs

When Kozel got more popular among the beer lovers, brewery came with a splendid idea of tank pubs. A beer was brought to the pubs by trucks right in big tanks so everyone can taste the freshly brewed beer even when his favourite pub was far away from Velké Popovice.

Brewery got its mascot

To honor their brand, the owners brought a billy goat to the brewery and built him a new home in the courtyard. The goat was named Olda, as well as the bearded followers which you can shake a hoof with in brewery till today.

First Kozel labels

It took 50 years till the brewery registered its own brand and name. Beer bottles were finally decorated with first labels depicting the traditional goat emblem. No more shopping mistakes since then!

Kozel beer is brewed for the first time

In December 1874, Velké Popovice village was given the best Christmas present ever. A first batch of Kozel beer was brewed! Its smooth and delicious taste astounded many beer drinkers, but most a French painter who was visiting the village back then. The hospitality of local people and the perfect beer fascinated him so much that he decided to give Popovice a gift – a painting of Kozel goat that became a symbol of the brewery.

Foundation of Velké Popovicebrewery

Beer has been brewed in Velké Popovice since 14th century, however, it was the baron František Ringhoffer who decided to renewed its fame in 19th century. He restored the old buildings and built up a new brewery. He left an unforgettable legacy that bonds Velké Popovice village with honest beer brewing forever.